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Six sessions of business language training, laser focused on a topic of your choice.

Contained and Effective

In just six lessons this course brings you up to speed in the area that is most important to you.


Intensive, targeted lessons that are highly effective  from the get go. 

Available in French, German, Spanish, English and other languages. Please enquire for the language of your choice.

Budget friendly

The hourly rate of £80 for groups between 2 and 8 participants makes this course very cost effective.

Available in

6 x 1 hour = £480 (final price)


6 x 90 minutes (recommended for groups) = £720 (final price)


No further commitment 

This is a highly contained course. No long term contracts, no tie-ins, no further costs.

Choose from the curriculum examples below or contact us for a custom program.

small talk and first contact


Introducing yourself

How to make small talk in a first meeting, over coffee or lunch

How to ask questions and keep the conversation going

Conversation topics  in Business

Business etiquette


Classes focus on speaking practice to increase your confidence

getting to your destination and getting around


How to ask for directions

Buying train tickets at the machine or the counter

Reading a restaurant menu

Ordering food, asking for bills and receipts

Tipping culture

How to talk to the taxi driver


Classes focus on speaking practice to increase your confidence

business terms 

Business culture


Arranging, postponing, cancelling a meeting

Asking for the right person on the phone

Talking about your job and responsibilities

Asking for a report

Preparing for a presentation

Tailored to your industry 

Classes focus on speaking practice to increase your confidence

custom topic

Any topic of your choice that you want to focus on.


This could be: 

Accountancy Terms

Insurance Terms

Banking Terms

Improving your writing skills

Grammar Bootcamp

Presentation run-throughs 

All classes always include ample exercises and speaking practice to improve your confidence.


When I was in Munich recently, one of my German colleagues told me honestly that they prefer people who migrate to Germany and integrate in their society well (speak German) rather than people move there to make money alone. I thought it is an honest and also a reasonable expectation. 

The point is I am feeling lot more confident to travel to Munich. I can understand the announcements in the train and stations. I can roughly read and understand when they say “credit cards are not accepted” because I rely only on my office credit card. The confidence of knowing the language a bit is great.

Mahesh P., Allianz AGCS

Language lessons for you

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